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What's so good about

Quicktrim® is environmentally friendly, takes half the time to install and looks great when installed.


Quicktrim® Can cut by half the time it takes to finish a roof edge detail.

Easy to Use.

Quicktrim® is light and strong, it will appeal to contractors and DIY alike. Can be fitted in wet conditions on any waterproof roofing membrane. The ready made corners and prepared 2.5 metre lengths make fitting a doddle!

Unique Design.

Quicktrim® has been tried and tested successfully since 1997, it provides a secure flat roof perimeter detailing that will enhance the look of any commercial or domestic property. It has two profile types, Check Kerb contains water on the membrane and encourages drainage to Drip Edge (served by a guttering). Internal and External corners sections contribute to ease construction.

Long Life.

Quicktrim® is made of recycled polystyrene, it retains its colour, flexibility and is UV stable, it cannot rust and dirt washes off with a mild detergent.

Attractive & Clean.

Quicktrim® Components are produced in two standard colours, Black & White. The recyclable polystyrene material is environmentally friendly and trims are delivered boxed, fully fabricated and include fixings and joint clips.

Cost Effective.

Quicktrim® material cost is compatible with other roof trim solutions, however low installation costs and minimal maintenance combine to make it a very economical solution.

It's so easy to install

Below is a quick guide on how easy it is to install the Quicktrim® products.

Before Laying the Waterproof Membrane.

Fix a planed batten (approx. size 25mm x 50mm) around the roof perimeter, level with the top of the roof deck, we would recommend the bottom of the batten is painted both for better appearance and to protect the timber. Fix the back drip edge trim onto the batten adjacent to the gutter. (see drip edge section). Apply the waterproof membrane over the roof and cut off any surplus at the bottom edge of the batten or the bottom edge of the back drip edge trim (section C).

Cut and fold the membrane flat around the roof corners when installing thin single ply membranes. When using thick felt membranes avoid overlaps, keep the corner flat and waterproof. This allows the corner trim to fit snugly against the corner of the roof.

Check Kerb Trim (section A).

The Quicktrim® check kerb trim is designed to secure the edge of the waterproof membrane and stop the water going over the roof edge. Installation is quick and simple (see design drawing below).

Quicktrim Check kerb + Diagram + demo roof

  1. First fix the corner sections. Slide the corner section down onto the roof to compress the seal, gently hammer the fixing pins or screws through the centre of the fixing slots, don't fix the pins/screws too tightly against the trims.
  2. Butt the first trim up to a corner section, compressing both seals together. IMPORTANT: On very cold days allow a minimum expansion gap of 5mm between the trims, then gently hammer the fixing pins through the centre of fixing slots.
  3. Apply a bead of sealant to one side of the joint, (this will hold the check kerb joint clip in place).
  4. Apply the check kerb joint clip by hooking it under the bottom edge of the trim and at the same time snap the top of the clip over the top section of the check kerb.

HELPFUL TIPS : Use a sharp saw to cut the trims down to size. Drill trims with a 5mm long slot if further fixings are required. Always make sure two rubber seals are between the joints. To insert a trim between corners measure between the corners or trims and deduct 10mm. Slight marks on the trims can be removed using CIF cream cleaner and a soft cloth.

Drip Edge Trim (section B & C).

The Quicktrim® drip edge trim is designed to firmly secure the membrane over the edge of the roof and allow the water to flow over the trim, into a gutter.

  1. First, fix the back edge drip trim (section C) onto the 25mm x 50mm batten using the nails provided. Make sure the bull nose top section of the back edge trim is level, or just below the top of the batten.
  2. Extend the waterproof membrane over the back edge trim and cut off at the bottom edge.
  3. Fix the front drip edge trim over the membrane by firmly pushing down on the trim to compress the seal and at the same time drill a 2mm pilot hole through the front trim slot, into the back trim. Now pin through both trims using fixing provided. The top section of the trim should now be level or just below the level of the roof to allow the water to pass over it and into the gutter.
  4. Finally fix the joint clips as per item 3.

IMPORTANT: On very cold days allow a minimum expansion gap of 5mm between the trims.

ECO-friendly too...

Quicktrim® is Environmentally Friendly.

Unlike PVC plastics, see Greenpeace publication (“Building The Future: A Guide to building without PVC), “Quicktrim®” is environmentally friendly. It is manufactured using recycled polystyrene such as waste packaging from electronic goods, drinking cups and other similar items that are not biodegradable and often cause major disposal problems and great expense for local authorities.

Recycled polystyrene looks exactly like any type of wood, metal or plastic and is totally made of recycled material. This product requires no painting or priming and is completely maintenance free throughout its 50+ year life expectancy. A product that is Waterproof, UV stable to the strictest standards, it can be nailed, screwed, glued, drilled welded and sawn using standard woodworking tools.
Our product responds to the needs of forward thinking Architects and Planners who are committed to environmentally friendly design and developments. There is also a real commercial benefit in that, research has repeatedly proven that the lifetime cost of our product is often lower than when using real timber or metal trims. So there is both an environmental saving and a cost saving.

Cold applied & Eco friendly Unique design roof edge trims Very quick and easy to install One piece membrane cut to size Next day delivery 1 Day installation courses Up to 30 year guarantee