QuickBond Adhesive Solutions

High-Performance Adhesive Solutions for EPDM Rubber Roofing

QuickBond Adhesive Solutions

Get stuck into your flat roofing installations with QuickBond, Plytech's specialised adhesive range tailored for EPDM rubber roofing.

QuickBond offers two adhesive solutions to meet your roofing installation needs: Water-Based Adhesive (WBA) and Contact Adhesive (CA). Designed for efficiency, durability, and security, QuickBond simplifies the installation process with its versatile bonding capabilities.

QuickBond Water-Based Adhesive (WBA) is specifically crafted for the main field area of the roof installation. For optimal results, leave a 100mm perimeter around the edge and leading into any upstand. In contrast, Contact Adhesive (CA) is ideal for achieving an instant bond in these areas.

For the perimeter and upstanding areas, QuickBond Contact Adhesive is the go-to choice to ensure a fast bond. Available in roll/brush format or convenient spray format (750ml/22L), QuickBond Contact Adhesive provides flexibility in application.

It’s important to note that QuickBond Water-Based Adhesives are suitable for use on timber/wooden decking boards, which are commonly found in most roofs. However, if the substrate differs, such as concrete, metal, or insulation, it’s essential to use Contact Adhesive for the entire roof area to ensure optimal bonding.

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QuickBond WBA (Water Based Bonding Adhesive)

Designed for flat roofing, QuickBond Water-Based Bonding Adhesive is a high-strength, water-based adhesive formulated for quick grabs and strong adhesion. Tested against other market brands, our QuickBond WBA offers a robust bond with the added benefits of easy application.

Available in five sizes:
15L (coverage up to 60m²)
10L (coverage up to 40m²)
5L (coverage up to 20m²)
2.5L (coverage up to 10m²)
1L (coverage up to 3.5m²)

QuickBond WBA is user-friendly, versatile, and ideal for bonding EPDM Rubber Membrane to wooden substrates such as ply or OSB.

Application Process:

QuickBond CA - Contact Adhesive

For a solvent-based bonding adhesive, QuickBond Contact Adhesive is your high-strength solution. Specially crafted for flat roofing installations, this adhesive is rich in solid content, ensuring a secure bond to most surfaces.

Available in three tub sizes (1L, 2.5L, 5L), a 22L Spray and a convenient 750ml aerosol tin, QuickBond CA provides an instant bond and comes in five practical sizes.

5L (coverage up to 15m²)
2.5L (coverage up to 7.5m²)
1L (coverage up to 3m²)
750ml (coverage up to 3m²)
22L (coverage up to 80m²)

Application Process for Tubs:

Application Process for Sprays:

QuickBond EPDM Primer/Seam Tape/Flashing Tape

Membrane Primer

This solvent-based primer cleans and primes the EPDM Membrane, crucial for the application of taped products. With fast curing time and excellent bonding capabilities, QuickBond EPDM Primer is available in three sizes (250ml, 500ml, and 1L).

Application Process:

Explore our Roof Calculator for a hassle-free estimate of your rubber roofing project’s material requirements.

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From adhesives and trims to tapes and rollers, we have everything you need to complete your roofing project successfully. What’s more, our extensive stock ensures that these essentials are readily available for next-day delivery, so you can get started on your project without delay.

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