QuickTrim Flat Roof Edge Trim

Experience Efficiency and Durability in Flat Roofing with Leading Flat Roof Edge Trim

QuickTrim Original and Still the Best (since 1999)

Efficiency and durability in one flat roofing edge trim with QuickTrim, Plytech's groundbreaking flat roof edge trim.

Engineered for speed, ease of use, and enduring performance, this unique EPDM rubber roofing edging system ensures a fast and simple installation, delivering a sleek and robust finishing touch.

QuickTrim, Plytech’s own high-quality, environmentally friendly roof edge detail, is designed to save time during installation while maintaining a long life of high performance.

This innovative edging system is the key player in the QuickTrim Flat Roof Edging lineup, featuring the Drip Edge Trim for a gutter edge flat roof system and the Check Kerb 2.5m Flat Roof Edge System, crucial for preventing water overflow.

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Developed by Plytech in 1999.

QuickTrim by Plytech stands as a testament to innovation and quality craftsmanship in the roofing industry. Proudly boasting its own original and unique design, QuickTrim was conceptualised and brought to life by Plytech in 1999. As a product born from decades of expertise and dedication to excellence, QuickTrim represents the pinnacle of British ingenuity and engineering. Made in Britain with meticulous attention to detail, QuickTrim is synonymous with reliability, durability, and unmatched performance. Trusted by roofing professionals nationwide, QuickTrim continues to set the standard for efficiency and precision in roof edge trims. When it comes to safeguarding your roofing projects with a product that epitomises British craftsmanship and reliability, QuickTrim by Plytech is the unrivalled choice.

Speed and ease of use

QuickTrim redefines the installation of flat roof trims, making it a breeze with its light and sturdy material. Versatile and compatible with any waterproof roofing membrane, QuickTrim includes ready-made corners and prepared 2.5m lengths. The system covers all bases with Drip (gutter) Trims and raised edge Check Kerb Trims, providing the necessary accessories for a straightforward installation.

Watertight Seals

When it comes to ensuring a watertight seal in roofing installations, Plytech’s QuickTrim stands out from the competition. Unlike other corner details that use clips, QuickTrim employs solid corners with pre-installed foam, providing an added layer of protection against water leakage at this crucial junction. 

This innovative design feature not only enhances the durability and reliability of QuickTrim but also gives our customers peace of mind knowing that their roofing projects are safeguarded against potential water ingress. Trust QuickTrim by Plytech for superior quality and uncompromising performance in every detail of your roofing installation.

Unique design

Featuring high-quality joint and seam integrity, QuickTrim facilitates easy repairs, years after installation. The QuickTrim systems resistance to UV rays and ozone eliminates the need for coatings, ensuring a weatherproof solution that stands up to sun, rain, ice, or snow. Its ability to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations places it at a competitive advantage in various environments.

Cost effective

While QuickTrim competes effectively in its price range, its low installation costs and minimal maintenance make it the ideal flat roof trim solution, offering long-term savings.

Environmentally friendly

Manufactured using recycled polystyrene, QuickTrim addresses disposal challenges, providing an eco-friendly solution without compromising performance. Waterproof, UV stable, and highly dependable, QuickTrim can be handled with standard tools while maintaining top-notch performance.

Technical Specifications

Choose QuickTrim for a flat roof edging solution that combines efficiency, durability, and environmental consciousness.

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